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Quick guide for the best sunset beaches of Ibiza

Ibiza is full of amazing beaches and being true sea dogs we made it our life purpose to visit them all and share with you our precious knowledge. For those who will visit Ibiza this year I have made a quick guide for the best sunset beaches on Ibiza because everyone should at least have seen one sunset on any of these beaches. Because we are always in a great mood we also give you one bonus bay! Read now, you may thank me later.

Cala Benirras

sunset_sea_amigos_ibiza_yacht_charter_boat_hireThis north-westerly beach with the iconic rock is one the most popular sunset beaches of Ibiza. Benirras is famous because of the drumming rituals on Sunday performed by true locals of Ibiza but also because the bay itself is stunning and natural. While your feet are in the sand and the crowd is enjoying itself among locals you will see the sun setting into the sea while the skies and bay is changing into beautiful colours. Benirras remains always beautiful.

Because Benirras can become quite crowded we often take Mr. Brightside or Diversity out and enjoy a spotless sunset while listening to the drumming as well. Its an amazing experience!

Sillot D’es Rencli

sillot_de_rencli_sea_amigos_ibiza_boat_hireIf you want to go north this is the beach you need to go to. Sillot D’es Rencli is unknown among the big crowd and that’s partly because for most people its quite a drive to get there. For those who wish to go on an adventure it will be rewarding to go. A drive up the north itself is beautiful and once you arrive at Sillot D’es Rencli you will think you are in a different world. This small beach with beautiful rock formations is full of clear waters, which make it a beautiful place to go snorkeling during the day and in the evening you will have a breath-taking sunset as well when the change of light is coloring the bay beautifully.

Sillot D’es Rencli is definitely an insider’s tip!

Cala Conta / Cala Comte

sunset_ashram_cala_conta_sea_amigos_ibizaThis beach is a legend itself. On the south-west side of the Island you will find Cala Conta or Cala Comte as others like to call it although we will stick to Cala Conta. Shallow waters, a beautiful sandy beach and a perfect location make this beach probably one of the hottest places for a sunset. It’s not without a reason that on Cala Conta you will find the famous restaurant Sunset Ashram which we recently addressed in our post Our 5 favorite beach clubs on IBIZA . A dinner or cocktail at Sunset Ashram is ALWAYS a great idea!

Cala d’Hort

Right in front of the magical Es Vedra you will find this beautiful beach. Although Cala d’Hort is already spoiled with a magnificent view on Es Vedra its about to get better as this beach also offers a sunset! With your feeds in the sand you will loose all your worries in the world and can only be thankful for going to Cala d’hort and witnessing this moment. We have the same. Every time again.

Bonus bay: Punta Galera.

punta_galera_sea_amigos_ibiza_boat_hireSo now we arrived to our bonus bay of the day! That rhymed! This bay is one of my personal favorites as well. Partly because its still relatively unknown (although that’s changing slowly), partly because its not easy to reach and mostly because it has an amazing vibe and even better sunset. I’m talking about Punta Galera. Punta Galera is made of flat rock formations and beautiful waters full of underwater rocks and small caves, which make it beautiful for snorkeling as well. For those who dare there are some higher rocks of which you can jump as well! After you had your excitement of snorkeling and jumping in the sea you will enter slowly in a relaxing mode as the sun is setting in the sea and you are relaxing on the flat rocks which are still warm of the day. People around you will meditate on this beautiful spot and sometimes even practice yoga. Punta Galera is definitely worth your visit!

Thats it for now and remember. A boat hire on ibiza a day keeps the doctor away!