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If it flies, floats or fucks you’re better of renting it

Today I’ll stick to the floating part of the equation and since we already made a “mistake” of owning our boats we give you 30 reasons why you should hire a boat with us. Especially number 2, 7, & 27 are important!

  1. It’s the experience of being on a boat. Not owning a boat.
  2. You can pretend it’s your boat!
  3. A boat makes you look better. Yes, even you.
  4. You can make selfies on the boat!
  5. There is always someone with a bigger boat. Unless your name is Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan but I don’t think he’s reading my blog.
  6. Like a friend said. BOAT actually means Bring On Another Thousand, so just rent it.
  7. Girls love boats.
  8. If you like getting drunk and have a party on shore, try it on a boat!
  9. Another friend said he was happy when he bought a boat but even more happy when he sold it. Now he’s just renting.
  10. Going to a beach by car is very 2015.
  11. Boys love boats.
  12. Formentera looks even better from a boat!
  13. Ibiza has the weather and the ladies that make sense to hire a boat.
  14. There is no sticky sand on a boat.
  15. You can jump in the sea and you don’t need to be aware of sharp rocks or sea plants.
  16. Boys + Girls + Boats + Ibiza + Sun + Wine = Something special
  17. If you want to know why you are paying so much money for a day think of point 2 & 7.
  18. Sailing out on a boat is fun. Fueling it up and maintaining it isn’t.
  19. Sunsets are better from a boat!
  20. You can listen to your own music from the stereo without being considered to be a pikey.
  21. You can tell at home you were on a boat in Ibiza. Which is more or less equally cool as meeting George Clooney and Carmen Electra at the same time.
  22. Arriving at a beach club by boat is probably the coolest thing you can do and don’t forget about point 7!
  23. You can invite people on your boat and make use of point 2.
  24. You don’t need to clean the boat or the toilet at the end of the day!
  25. If you think it’s OK to pay 10 euros for a beer in Blue Marlin then renting a boat is definitely your thing.
  26. Life is much more relaxed on a boat.
  27. We are nice people. If Gandhi had been a skipper he would be working for Sea Amigos.
  28. You can have a different boat the next time :)
  29. What else are you working for?
  30. Memories are all we have.