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A Boat Hire Ibiza a day, keeps the doctor away!

Hiring a boat is not only fun and a great experience it’s good for your health as well! Our boat hire is like vitamin A, B12 and C only much more fun it seems. There has been much research that have proven the benefits of joy and laughter. Although we are preaching this for a…
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6 Stunning Places Around Ibiza You Can Only Visit On A Boat!

Being true sea dogs we are a bit presumptuous about the benefits of yachts and other floating material (give us a floating bath tub and we can tell you some benefits). Yet, some benefits are truly undeniable and putting ‘fun’ and ‘always a great adventure’ aside one of them being that we can go places…
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Which boat to choose for your next Ibiza holiday?

Hiring a boat is an absolutely great thing to do! Especially if you consider that our boats for hire are accessible for a lot of people. Since Sea Amigos is a private boat owner we are able to provide our boats for very competitive prices. We always like to say we surprise our guests three…
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Our 5 favourite beach clubs on Ibiza

We are not always on our yachts. Sometimes – a few hours a day – we set foot ashore and love to hang out with other earthlings as well. So were do we go when we want our feed in the sand and a beer in our hand? I made you a list of 5…
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Best Wet Set Restaurants on Formentera!

So while being on your yacht charter you join the wet set for one day. Lucky you! When hiring a boat with us we always ask you about your preferences for lunch. We can organize a delicious lunch platter for you that may be enjoyed on your yacht or you may choose to visit a…
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Why hiring a yacht on Ibiza is Amazing!

A holiday to Ibiza is always a great idea and although many people know about the beautiful beaches, beachclubs and restaurants to spend their days on Ibiza. Not many people consider hiring a boat to cruise a day over the beautiful waters surrounding Ibiza and Formentera. We believe it is a missed opportunity and we…
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5 Best Beaches on Formentera

When visiting Formentera on your luxurious yacht charter you might want to know which beaches are the most beautiful and most stunning to visit. That’s why we compelled a list of our favourite beaches on Formentera. Our lovely sea lovers, we present to you: The 5 Best Beaches on Formentera! 1. Es Calo Beach Es…
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Restaurant Juan and Andrea on Formentera

Dear fellow sea lovers. With luxury yachting comes fine dining and we are lucky to have so many delicious restaurants on Ibiza and Formentera that complement our luxury charters very well! Today I would like to tell you a little bit about the famous restaurant Juan & Andrea on Formentera. Many of our guests who…
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The spiritual side of IBIZA

To many Ibiza is still known as a luxurious party Island and although this is partly true there is a whole other side connected to Ibiza that is truly beautiful. The spiritual side. It is starting to sound as a cliché when people refer to the ‘other’ Ibiza. The Ibiza of hippies, yoga, nature and…
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Cliff Diving On Ibiza, We Love It!

There are numerous ways to spend your perfect day on one of our yachts in the waters of Ibiza. We can set sail to the beautiful bays of Formentera, anchor in front of beachclubs, enjoy the coastline in an amazing island tour or enjoy stunning sunsets during our sunset tours. Although all of these options…
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