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5 most crystal clear beaches on Ibiza!

When going to Ibiza you like to go to the beaches with the clearest water possible. Those beaches you see in magazines and where you dream of going to on your holiday. With our yacht charters we visit all beaches of Ibiza and therefore we made a short list for you with the best crystal clear beaches. You only need to book your Ibiza holiday, grab your selfie stick and enjoy!

1. Las Salinas

This beautiful beach and UNESCO heritage site is located on the south-east part of Ibiza, very close to the airport and the equally named iconic salt lakes of Ibiza. Las Salinas is a long beach of white and golden sand and the shallow waters make sure you will see that typical turquoise color of the sea! As this beach consists mainly of sand you will have no rocks or water plants bothering you! Adding to this perfect mix natural elements Salinas also provides several great beach clubs like the Jockey Club and Guarana so you can have your favourite cocktail while you enjoy the beauty of the sea!

Want to know how goo Salinas looks from the sundeck of our Sealine SC35? See for yourself and try one of our great boat hire packages!

2. Aiguas Blancas

aiguas_blancas_ibiza_sea_amigos_ibizaWe remain on the east coast of Ibiza but this time much further up north. Here we’ll find Aiguas Blancas. Aiguas Blancas is close to the Hippy capital San Carlos and as the name already says, Aiguas Blancas has loads of beautiful clear water! The sand of Aiguas Blancas has a much more golden color and it feels perfectly when running into the turquoise waters! No rocks, only sand! What I personally like about Aiguas Blancas is the local feeling it still haves. On the far right side of the beach, locals gather everyday to play beach tennis and enjoy the Island life. The small Chiringuito (not the big one in the middle) is from our personal friend Tony and he makes great Mojitos so make sure to try one and say hello from Sea Amigos!

3. Cala Bassa

cala_bassa_ibiza_sea_amigos_ibizaWe leave the east coast and now head to the beautiful southwest coast of Ibiza with her stunning sunsets. Just below San Antonio you will find Cala Bassa. This all sand beach with – again – crystal clear waters is famous for the beautiful sunsets and natural shade of trees during the day. Cala Bassa is also home to one of the famous beach clubs of Ibiza: Cala Bassa Beach Club or also known as CBBC (how original;) ). For those who fancy a bit of luxury you can hire a sunbed at CBBC all day long and enjoy the sea although I personally like the flybridge of Mr Brightside more :)

Unfortunately this beach is not very big and may become very crowded so I would either suggest to arrive early or hire a yacht via Sea Amigos!

4. Cala Sant Vicente

Cala_san_Vicente_sea_amigos_ibiza_yacht_hireWe go back to the northeast coast of Ibiza to arrive at Cala Sant Vicente. This quiet beach is rather big and far up north and therefore it is never too busy. Not even in high season and that’s what we all like! The beach and water of Cala Sant Vicente is absolutely beautiful and you’ll be guaranteed to shoot amazing pictures to show off to those who stayed home :) On the right side of the beach you will also find a nice beachclub named ‘on the beach’. This surfer style beachclub offers absolutely delicious hamburgers although they also serve great Paella! Cala Sant Vicente is definitely a beach you should visit. Not only will you be spoiled with great views it will also bring you to the north of Ibiza, which is always a beautiful and great journey.

5. Cala Vadella

Cala_vadella_sea_amigos_ibiza_yacht_hireLets go back to the southwest coast of Ibiza to reach the secluded bay of Cala Vadella. It’s only a 10 min drive from San Josep and offers all you can wish for! Breathtaking views, beautiful water and a sandy beach. Several Spanish bars will offer you great local dishes and prices are very reasonable. The colored houses around the bay always give me a Caribbean feeling. Cala Vadella is mostly known among families but to be fair it is a great beach for everyone who likes to enjoy a perfect day at the beach!

So here you have it. The 5 beaches for which you bought your selfie stick. Whether you join us on one of our great yacht charters or wish to go by yourself, these bays are worth your visit and will certainly put a smile on your face!