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4 Most Stunning Bays of North Ibiza

With luxury boating comes bays and with Ibiza comes stunning bays! Today we are going to spoil you with our selection of 4 most stunning bays of North Ibiza.
For those who will visit Ibiza next summer you might want to pay close attention to this because a visit to any of these bays should be on your list. When figuring out yourself which bays you want to visit on Ibiza its good to know that ‘Cala’ means bay in Spanish whereas ‘Playa’ is your typical sand beach. ‘Platja’ is the same as ‘Playa’ only the Catalan version. Now you know this we will share with our personal favorites for a perfect day on the waters of Ibiza. If you want to hire a boat on Ibiza and are looking for useful advice on where to go this list will help as well. Enjoy!

1. Cala San Vicente

cala_san_vicente_sea_amigos_ibizaThis beautiful beach is known for its crystal clear water and white sand. You will not find any rocks and the bay is very clean. On the beach you will have a great ‘surfing-style’ chiringuito named.. ‘On the beach’ and their hamburgers and cocktails are delicious, although I normally tend to go for a good Corona ☺. A lesser known bar that is also worth your visit is ‘hidden bar’. This bar is located behind the beach and offers great food and drinks at very good prices in a bohemian atmosphere!

Especially in July and August this stretched bay is not too crowded – something you will find more often in the North of Ibiza – and that makes Cala San Vicente even nicer. We often do charters to Cala San Vicente as well and I personally always like it that we can see the shadow of our boats on the sea bed, that’s how clear the water is! Then afterwards you should definitely have a refreshing swim..

On The Beach Restaurant

Hidden Bar Ibiza

2. Cala Benirras

cala_benirras_sea_amigos_ibiza_yacht_charterCala Benirras is probably one of the most famous beaches of North Ibiza because of the drumming ritual on Sunday evening and the famous restaurant Elements. Besides these two great features of Benirras it is also one of the most natural bays of Ibiza in my opinion. The beach itself consists of very thin gravel which is common for Islands in the mediterranean and the many rocks and clear waters make this bay beautiful for snorkeling as well. I always see loads of fish and frequently an octopus as well!

Besides the beauty of this secluded bay it also has a stunning sunset which – during July and August – will set right behind the iconic rock of Benirras that comes straight out of the sea in front of the beach. If you dare, you can jump of this rock as well but it’s not for the fain hearted.

Join us on a cruise some time and I'll personally drop you of there. You only need to climb on top of it and jump (in the water..;) ) Maybe a good time to book a yacht charter on Mr Brightside?

3. Cala Llonga

cala_llonga_ibiza_sea_amigos_yacht_charterThis secluded bay lies on the east coast of Ibiza just underneath Santa Eularia. The bay itself is frequently visited by families because of its great facilities, beautiful sandy beach and shallow waters until far into the sea but for a day of boating this bay is stunning as well! It’s for sure one of the longest bays on Ibiza where the sides of the bays go straight into the sea. This makes it great for snorkeling but a few cliff jumps are possible as well! Because this bay is so long it provides perfect shelter and protects it well from any wind unless its coming straight from the eastern direction. A visit to calla llonga is always great fun and because of that its part of our sunset cruises as well. More information about our sunset cruises you may find here.

4. Cala Mastella

cala_mastella_Sea_amigos_ibizaCala Mastella is a beautiful little cove and probably one of the tiniest beaches of Ibiza. This rocky untouched bay truly gives you a feeling of the original Ibiza of many years ago. Snorkeling and swimming is great in this bay especially when you depart from Diversity!

Cala Mastella has one small fish restaurant, El Bigotes, which is actually quite famous. Juan - the owner - serves fresh fish everyday and you really should make a reservation if you want to eat here. El Bigotes became even more famous a few years ago when he denied a table for the King of Spain because he didn’t make a reservation. According to Juan everybody is equal at his restaurant and if he has no tables available he has no tables available. So make sure to book your table and say Hi to Juan from us. Don’t expect a fancy restaurant by the way. El Bigotes is a typical old Spanish fish restaurant. That means, you will sit on wooden chairs and tables and enjoy the best fish the Island has to offer!

So there you have it. Our little list of favorite bays in the North of Ibiza. So next time when you’re hiring a boat or preparing for a yacht charter you might want to consider setting course to one of these places. Let us know and we will arrange it!

See you soon Amigos!